Essen 2015 – Terra

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Quiz time!

Get the answer right, or be close enough.

This gives you a question along with a map and a few bars of numbers.

The question will generally ask for a location and a few number related ones such as Year as well as length, height, volume etc

Terra Board

You take turns putting a cube on any of the answers you think is correct. No two players can put a cube in the same place and you can guess as many times as you like, until you run out of cubes.

You do this until everyone passes.

Then you reveal the answers. 7 points if you’re right, 3 points if you’re adjacent and you lose any cubes on incorrect guesses.

Terra Card

You go back up to 3 cubes sat the start of your turn so don’t worry about having a terrible round.

It’s good for a quiz, with plenty of questions that are actually interesting.

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