Essen 2013 Quantum

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Quantum is a game of spaceship warfare represented with dice.

The goal is to place your 5 token on the board on 5 different tiles out of the 9 that makes up the board.

To place a tile you need to have dice in the ‘orbital positions’ (orthogonally) to the centre of the tile that add up to number ion the centre of that tile.

The value on the dice shows the distance the dice can move and is also the combat value. So a 6 can move 6 spaces, but has a combat value of 6. Combat is a D6 vs D6 roll, plus each ships value, lower number wins.

You get 3 actions on your turn, one action is to reroll a ship in order to either make a tough ship into a faster one, or a faster ship into a tougher one.



Each ship has a special ability that can be used once each turn for free. Such as the 4 can change into a 3 or 5, the 5 can move diagonally and the 6 can be rerolled for free once each turn.

This is a very good game, even though I don’t usually like combat style games. The dice look really pretty on that black background. One I’m considering for the future.

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2 Responses to Essen 2013 Quantum

  1. Abraham Lincoln says:

    It’s the 5 that moves diagonally.

    Great pictures!

  2. Jesta says:

    Well spotted Mr President 🙂 I’ve updated accordingly.

    It’s hard not to take a nice picture of such a nice looking game! 🙂

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