Essen 2015 – Samara

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Build buildings and grab tools.

Some are quite high up so you may need to stand on someone’s shoulders.

Next to a grid of buildings are two boards showing 6 months on each. The starting month is placed to the ‘now’ space on the board… What is the starting month? Well, October of course, because it WAS October when we played it. 🙂

I loved this game from that point on, review over 🙂

Samara Buildings

So this game works like Tokaido, in a way.

The active player is the player who has their workers on the left most portion on the ‘now’ space. You move them up to which ever month in the future to whichever row you want to take an action and take it.

When the Now space is empty, you scroll the boards down until you reach someone’s workers and that month is now the active month.

So unlike Tokaido (and Antarctica) here you’re moving guys forward, you’re moving the board backwards. Same thing, different way of doing it.

Samara Track

What are the actions?

Well, you can grab tools which help you build buildings or recruit workers for abilities.

The buildings are up to 3 rows deep and you need to have 1, 2 or 3 workers in a stack to ‘reach’ those higher up buildings. You can take an action to stack people too.

You can also gain a worker by moving a ‘female’ meeple to the end of the calendar track and adding another meeple on that month.

Samara Player Board

The buildings you collect are worth points and after they’ve all gone (I think) the game ends, most points wins.

This was an enjoyable game. It puts that movement mechanism of ‘last player goes next’ into a pretty fun and simple game.

I think it might be TOO simple though and I worry about re-playability but I’m glad I got a chance to play it.

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