Essen 2015 – Rubbish Auction

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Bid for stuff no one wants and people will think you’re weird.

But you’re an avid collector and REALLY want it!

Everyone has the same set of cards with various amounts of cash on them.

You also get a character card showing which 2 items from the item stack you want to buy.

The start player chooses any number of money cards to bid on the item. The next player looks at one at random and does the same. This passes around the table until everyone has bid.

Everyone reveals their cards…

Rubbish Auction

Whoever won, gains the card, loses a point per $1000 spent (reputation loss for wasting money on a piece of junk) and the largest card used to win the bid is out for the next round of bidding.

Whoever bid the lowest gets nothing.

Everyone else gains a point per $1000 spent for flashing their money around.

After all cards have been bought, you get 30 points for each item you won that you wanted to get.

Most points wins.

Firstly, the cards and VERY thin. Secondly the game play is a little weird. I have no idea why you need to look at a random card plus the rule book doesn’t explain too much very well.

It didn’t go down well so I will give it another chance before deciding what to do with it. But the idea behind the theme is great.

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