Essen 2015 – Kamisado Pocket

Posted on by Jesta

Another abstract 2 player game.

But, this one you can play standing up!

The goal of this game is to get a piece to the other side of your opponents board.

Each player has a row of pieces of 8 different colours on an 8×8 board that has squares the same colour as the player pieces.

Kamisado Pocket

Your pieces move like a Queen in Chess…The start player can move any piece.

Then, the opponent can only move the piece matching the colour square that piece ended it’s move on.

This continues until a player gets a piece to the other side of the board. When they do the game resets, the ‘winning’ piece gets flipped over to a ‘Sumo’ and can now push pieces.

You play until you get 3 points… or at least we did.

This simple game reminds me of Mijenlief where you move determines your opponents move.

You also have to attack AND defend on every move which makes it fun to play.

A good filler.

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