Essen 2015 – Hack Trick

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Hacking a Keypad.

Noughts and Crosses, but good.

You have a 3×3 grid and cards numbered 0-5.

One player is dealt 4, the other 3.

The player with the 4 cards discards one and each player says the total of their 3 cards out loud.

Then you play a card on top of the discarded card and put a token of your colour on the number equal to the total of the previous 2 cards. So if a 1 was discarded and you play a 4, you put a counter on the 5.

Hack Trick

If the next person plays a 2, 4+2=6 so it goes on the 6.

You’re trying to get 3 in a row or 3 on one number.

You can capture your opponents pieces by picking a number they have a piece on and you can use these, and you own, for abilities.

Hack Trick Cards

It’s a fun light game that requires a rules check. Some timing issues and rules interpretations┬áneed clarification. But, it’s a good game.

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