Essen 2015 – Eko

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Battle for buildings on a board with counters.

It’s very pretty!

In this game you’re moving around, building buildings, killing opponents and destroying their buildings.

We randomly scattered our disks over the board but once you know what you’re doing you can take turns tactically placing them.

To move a disk, it can freely move around as long as you can trace an empty path from where they are to where they want to go.

Eko Game Board

You can jump on top of another token to make them bigger, and stronger. A larger stack can move into a smaller stack to ‘take’ them. A stack can be as big as 4 but a stack of 4 can be destroyed with a ‘Kamikaze’ move by a single disk, destroying both sides.

You can sacrifice disks from a stack to build a building or destroy an opponents… when you get up to a certain number of points via buildings, you win.

Eko Player Board

You also have ‘leader’ who is more powerful than a regular piece but can still be killed by opponents. Usually if you kill an opponents piece they get them back to put on a board later. If you kill a leader you put it in a little prison on your player board and you can only get it back by capturing their leader and doing a kind of ‘hostage exchange’.

It’s pretty good, not great as it kept reminding me of Quantum which I don’t really like.

It’s too combat orientated for me to enjoy the abstract part.

It’s pretty though.

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