Essen 2015 – Burger Boss

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Build and sell Burgers.

Let your customers wait first!

This is a dice placement game where you use dice to buy ingredients, create burgers and sell them to fulfil orders.

Burger Boss Customers

Customers (on cards) queue to buy food and the longer they wait the more they spend but if they wait too long they leave.

Each player represents a corny named Burger company each with a grill and cold storage.

You roll dice and place them on action cards to buy ingredients to put in your cold storage. Your cold storage only holds a few items so you can add stuff to the grill to put it to use and make room for new items. While on your grill it will slowly move down a track until eventually it’s binned if you don’t use it.

Burger Boss Play Area

While on the grill you can trade it in to get money from customers, money being the point of the game.

This was a lot of fun and I like dice placement games so it’s all good.

I like the little ingredient disks that let you actually build your burger, it’s simple but looks nice.

Burger Boss Components

One issue is that turn order is lowest to highest from the total of your dice and this is important as players can rip an order out from under you, ruining your plans.

Another is the box… While putting the game is plastic Burger is fun, and each layer of the burger makes for it’s own storage tray is GREAT… it’s not practical to store on┬ámy shelf.

But, apart from those things, a very fun game.

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