Essen 2015 – The Big Book of Madness

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You’re students in a magic school battling monsters.

If the games I’ve played so far are anything to go by, they lost.

So this is a cooperative deck builder where curses appear each round and you need to collectively get rid of them.

As the book opens curses are revealed and they show which elements you need to banish them. You can discard elements from your hand to do this but you can also borrow cards your class mates have available too.

If you banish them all you turn the page and summon the next monster. Fail and you get a penalty for each one.

The Big Book of Madness Board

These penalties involve you discarding cards from the madness deck, if the deck expires you lose.

They also involve you discarding cards from the top of your deck which is fine. But each time you reshuffle your deck you gain a madness card from the madness deck.

Not only does this deplete the deck, but if you ever draw 6 into your hand, your’re out of the game.

The Big Book of Madness

You don’t have to defeat the first 5 monsters, just survive to the 6th one and beat it.

But as I said it’s VERY hard and we haven’t got by round four with 2 or 4 players.

Need to check the rules and keep trying 🙂 But for now I’m enjoying losing.

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