Essen 2015 – Automania

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One I ignored on Kickstarter.

Did I make the right choice?

In this, you’re producing cars and shipping them off to either North America or Asia to gain points and/or money.

To do this you have a board of your factory lines with each model of car at the top. Conveyor belts show you the way the manufacturing process runs through your factory and as you run that car through the factory it will pick up upgrades and increase it’s reputation.

Automania Player Board

How do you get those upgrades? You buy them with workers…

The bits you can buy, which include staff that give you abilities, are laid out in a random grid. You place a worker either above or to the left of the column/row of the item you want, pay for it and take it. If you want something else from that same column/row you must use more worker meeples that the precious player to pick something. Like bidding in Keyflower.

You put that token in your factory and when you make a car, if the conveyor belt for it runs through that item you increase it’s value. The value of these items will change each round.

North America and Asia both have their own ‘demand’ section that increases the value of certain bits on your car. These rotate around from a track so you can plan ahead.

Automania Car Sales

When you put a car for sale you take up a certain space and only one car can fill a space so you need to produce early to get the more valuable ones, but your car will be worth more if you buy those add ons.

It’s very simple and easy, no Kanban that’s for sure 🙂

One that will appeal to families and part-time gamers who like strategy in their games.

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