Essen 2015 – Antarctica

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Send your boat out to build buildings.

Just erm… gotta wait for the sun to melt the snow!

This is essentially an area control game on a giant rondel type board.

The sun will move around the board, segment to segment and the player who has their boat closest to the sun will take their action. You take an action by moving the boat forward to any space and doing something…

Antarctica Board

Every boat on the space the boat vacated moves up one meaning they go next when the Sun comes back around.

What are these action you can take?

Well, you can build buildings, get new Scientists, advance on a research track… Pretty standard stuff.

Scoring is done via area control with the person with the most scientists winning, scoring points equal to the number of buildings and scientists of all colours plus 1. Second place gets a point for each scientist of the colour in first place etc…

Antarctica Busier Board

Like I mentioned with Samara, this has again taken that Tokaido type thing and put a decent game to it. But you have the added risk, if you put your boat second (or third) in a queue on a section that boat will have to wait until the sun goes 2 or 3 times around the board!

There was a time in our game where my opponents took 10-11 turns before I got back in the game… a lot of waiting but completely my fault.

This is a nice game with plenty to think about.

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