Essen 2015 – 7 Wonders: Duel

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2 Player 7 Wonders.

I REALLY like 7 Wonders, will I like this?

So you collect cards and build them using resources and cash just like it’s older, fuller game…

7 Wonders Duel Play Area

But instead of drafting you’re selecting cards from a predetermined pile of face up/down cards.¬†As you pick face down cards you may have to turn face down cards up for your opponent to pick.

War is done via a tug of war concept where if you reach the end of your track, you win the game automatically.

7 Wonders Duel Board

Science, instead of giving you insane points,will give you a token with a special ability if you match 2 symbols. You pick from 5 tokens laid out before the game from a selection of quite a few.

Apart from that it’s quite similar… Discarding a card for cash and buying resources from your opponent works differently.

I really enjoyed this but again, 2 player games aren’t for me as I won’t play them.

7 Wonders Duel

But again, if I did, I would pick this up. It’s VERY good, keeps that core 7 Wonders ‘thing’ that I already like and makes it different enough that you can own both AND makes it playable with 2.

Another but, having said that, my opponent had a very strong Science token in the second game and I got destroyed… I did not enjoy that game. The first game we played I thought I’d won and I narrowly lost and that was much more enjoyable.

A very good game all in all.

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