Gameday First Play – The Art of Science

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A tough Trivial Pursuit style game…

…played by 8 people who had just been giggling at Telestrations.

Art of Science[sic] is a challenging trivia game for people interested in technology and natural science. The categories are: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Technology and “Other science” (a category of miscellaneous questions).

Whether you are a biologist or a mathematician, you will meet on equal terms – you chose your categories! Lack of knowledge or temporary memory loss – ask a fellow player and share the points.

During the game you can also challenge your opponent to a duel, get chances of points-replication and answer questions like a universal genius. Take the chance to refresh your old knowledge and conquer new.

You have a sheet with a decreasing number of point requirements for each category and you choose which category goes where on this sheet. The first team to fill each point requirement for all the categories wins.

You roll and move around the board and answer questions on the colour you land on with each space has a number which shows you how many points you answer. For some reason the six sided dice has a 7 instead of 6… Sure there’s a scientific reason for that…

The Art of Science Board


There are special spaces that let you gain points in different categories or even gamble points for big gains.

The best part of this game is getting help. If you’re struggling you can ask another player ( or team in our case) for help BUT, if you use their answer and it’s correct they gain a majority of the points.

The Art of Science Card


This is an example of a question card and this one is relatively tame compared to some.

This was a good laugh generally but it was mixed with some very serious moments of deep concentration.

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