Gameday First Play – Mr Lister’s Quiz Shootout

Posted on by Jesta

A quiz game with a twist.

It’s kinda Pointless.

Hey quiz slingers!

If you love ya quizzes and like yer lists, then welcome to my game – it’s like an old-style Western shootout but with brains for guns.

So, someone reads a question out and these questions have many correct answers. In turn order you give one answer…

Mr Listers Quiz Shootout Rugby Question

If the answer is correct (and in white text) you stay in the round. Get it wrong and you’re out. Get it right and get a Golden answer, you’re through to the Shootout.

If all the white answers have gone or all remaining players have picked a Golden answer you go to the Shootout question.

Here, players write down their answer, closest wins.

Mr Listers Quiz Shootout President Quiz Card

So you win a point by either being the last player in on the main question or being closest on the shootout

Play till you’re bored, most cards wins.

It’s a very fun way to do a quiz and reminds me of the TV show Pointless where you’re trying to get a correct answer, but an obscure one. I like that way of doing things.

There are a lot of cards but I’m not sure how re-playable it is. I guess it depends on your memory? Also, trying to find obscure answers does slow the game a little bit.

Still, very fun quiz game. Also, Moustache Pencil.

Mr Listers Quiz Shootout Moustache Pencil

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