Gameday First Play – Telestrations

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I can’t draw…

So this should be fun!

Each player begins by sketching a TELESTRATIONS word dictated by the roll of a die. The old fashioned sand timer may limit the amount of time they get to execute their sketch, but it certainly doesn’t limit creativity! Time’s up! All players, all at the same time, pass their sketch to the next player, who must guess what’s been drawn. Players then simultaneously pass their guess — which hopefully matches the original word (or does it??) — to the next player who must try to draw the word they see — and so on.

That’s it basically.

You get a random word or phrase, you draw it on a little flip book dry wipe thing.

Telestrations Books

You pass it to the next person who looks at your picture, flips overt the book and writes down what they think you drew.

They pass it on again and the next person draws what they put etc etc

Eventually the book will get back around to the player who started it and you get to flip through it and see where it all went wrong.

We played this 8 player so 8 books were being passed around and you only have 90 seconds to draw so you can’t craft a masterpiece every time…

Telestrations Word Cards

I had Robot, easy… I also had Surprise Party.. not so easy.

Easily one of the most fun games around and I haven’t seen a group of people laugh so much playing a game.

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