Gameday First Play – Tides of Time

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2 player drafting game?

That won’t work.

Play as an ancient civilization as they prosper and collapse through time. Build gigantic monuments, raise impenetrable fortifications, and amass vast knowledge as the ages pass. The greatest civilizations will leave their mark long after their collapse. From times long forgotten to times recently lost, civilizations will rise and fall as the tide of time carries them.

This is a very simple game where each player is dealt 5 cards, they pick one, reveal simultaneously and pass hands. Each eventually drafting all 5 cards.

Tides of Time 5 Cards

Each card has a scoring mechanism on it usually for having multiples or majorities of the 5 suits.

After scoring the 5 cards played, each player chooses one card of their 5 to discard and one to keep. You put a token on the one you’re keeping and that’s yours for the rest of the game.

Tides of Time Kept Card

After 3 rounds players, will have 8 cards each.

Tides of Time Cards

You score the 3rd round, add your points from rounds 1 and 2 and most points wins.

It’s a very nice, fast game but only for 2 players. This system might be good with 3-4 although working out majorities across 4 play areas is probably quite fiddly.

If I played 2 players games often enough, I’d own a copy of this for sure.

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