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Make a Quilt…

I bet this is fun…

In Patchwork, two players compete to build the most aesthetic (and high-scoring) patchwork quilt on a personal 9×9 game board.

All the bits for the Quilt are put in a circle with a pawn placed somewhere on it.

On your turn, you spend buttons to buy one of the next 3 pieces in the circle from the current position of pawn and then move the pawn to the gap left by the piece you bought. Then you move the amount of time printed on the piece that many spaces on the score track.

Patchwork Circle

Looks a bit of a mess while we were playing it but it made sense and we never lost place or made mistakes.

Once you take a piece you move the pawn to where the tile piece was placed and you put your piece on your player board.

Patchwork Player Board

The first player to create a complete 7×7 grid with no holes gets a 7 point end game bonus token which is why I was being so neat. You don’t have to put everything together like this.

Then you move forward that much time on the board.

Patchwork Score Board

Every time you pass a button you gain a number of buttons equal to the buttons on your player board. If you pass a square first you get to put it on your board, fill a hole.

Then the next player goes, but in this game the player furtherest behind on the track goes next.

If you can’t buy a tile, or don’t want to buy one you simply move forward enough spaces to get ahead and gain a button for each space you move.

When both players are in that middle bit, the game ends.

Patchwork Finished Board

You score 1 point per button but lose 2 points for each empty space on your player board.

I finished with -8! This is despite getting the 7 point bonus. I was too neat to start with I think 🙂

This is a very nice and simple game and one I would get if I played 2 player games enough.

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