Gameday First Play – Romans Go Home

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Another game I’ve only played on-line that I get to try in real life.

It’s much quicker when all the players are paying attention!

Romans Go Home! is a fun, fast and fighty card game in which the players are Caledonian clans competing to capture the largest and most valuable Roman forts along Hadrian’s Wall.

The game is played over three rounds where you’re playing your clan members under Forts. The 6 Forts are valued -3 to up to 8 points. Each player players their clans members face down in columns.

Roman Go Home Game Play

A screenshot from the on-line version from Board Game Press

Each Clan member has a battle strength and an ability.

Starting with the left column, all the cards are revealed and they battle for the Fort. Generally the strongest card will win but abilities on the Clan members could change that.

The winning player gets the Fort and removes all of their Warriors used to win while the other players keep them and add their totals to the next fight.

This means the 2nd Fort is being erm… ‘fought’ over by more Warriors from the previous losing Clans.

As well as the Clan cards having abilities the Forts do too. The more noticeable one is that if you win all the negative victory point Forts you automatically win the game!

It CAN be a bit more complex than it should be and not all combinations of Clan Members are easy to work out. A few of us kept making the same mistakes when working out the winner.

Still, it beats playing it on-line and waiting 3 days for someone somewhere to do one little action so the game can progress.

It’s an OK game, I prefer the simplicity of games like Eggs and Empires though.

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