Gameday First Play – Eggs and Empires

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I can confirm this game contains both the aforementioned Eggs, and the titular Empires.

That’s a fact.

Eggs from the dragons of Ridback Mountain are valuable — not quite as valuable as gold following the last market fluctuation, but still TOTALLY worth the hassle, especially since it’s not like YOU are climbing the mountain and searching through dragon caves. That’s what peasants are for…

All the empires have sent their intrepid adventurers out to collect eggs, but not all will succeed! It gets crowded on Ridback Mountain, and there are only so many dragon eggs to go around — not to mention that the dragons have started mixing exploding eggs into their nests, and those hurt.

A very simple game. Everyone has a matching set of 10 Empire cards (numbered 1-10) which you shuffle and draw a hand of 3.

Then, you lay out a number of Eggs depending on the number of players.

Then each player picks one card from their hand, simultaneously reveals and players pick Eggs in descending order of rank on the card.

Some Eggs, as the blurb says, are exploding eggs that are worth minus points.

Eggs and Empires Gameplay

Image from Board Game Geek

Of course there’s more to it than that.

Each role has an ability. Well, MOST do, Rank 10 and Rank 1 do nothing special.

The roles let you skip taking Eggs, give you bonuses for taking or not taking Eggs etc

After each player has played 9 of their 10 Empire cards, the game ends and most points wins. (Although you can play multiple rounds if you want.)

I’ve tried plenty of these kind of games like Libertalia and others where you all play from an identical or similar set of cards with powers to collect/avoid stuff.

This just boils it down to a very simple formula that plays quickly.

I’m not selling it well am I? Go play it, it’s good!

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