Gameday First Play – QI the Board Game

A board game based on a TV show…

…can these be good?

Game based on the very funny ‘quiz’ show.

Thanks blurb, very helpful.

On this you roll 3 dice, red, white and blue. You move your pawn the number of spaces equal to the white dice. Then you pick up the question book of the colour square you are on and look for a question.

The question number ids the number of the dice in Red/White/Blue order…

QI The Board Game Board

You ask the question and go around the table in order giving an answer. They are multiple choice or true and false.

If someone gives the ‘obvious’ answer the next player can press the Klaxon to call them out and end the round.

You move forward if you get it right and move back A LOT if you were called out giving the Klaxon answer.

It’s a fun game, the questions are good and more importantly the answers come with an explanation so you learn as you go.

Good fun, especially if you play in the spirit of the TV show.

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