Gameday First Play – Pointless: The Travel Game

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“Name a country that ends with two consonants”


~ Sarah, Contestant on Pointless (and a Geography Teacher)

Pointless, it’s the game where the most obscure answer is the best answer!

For those that don’t know, Pointless is a TV game show with a great twist.

100 people are surveyed (Family Fortunes/Feud style) and given 60 seconds name as many answers to a question they are asked as possible. These are questions are obviously fairly open with multiple correct answers. (Number 1 singles in 2015, Wimbledon Winners etc)

Contestants on the show are then asked one of these questions and their goal is to give a correct answer. But they’re looking for answer that the fewest number of these survey-takers said.

If they’re lucky, they’ll get a fabled “Pointless Answer” worth 0 points.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, the lowest score wins. 🙂

This version is similar, you have a restricted number of answers for your teams to choose from and there is no cash prize obviously!

Teams write down their answer on their sheet and they reveal.

You reveal the card and you score that many points. An ‘X’ denotes that the answer is a wrong answer and is worth 100 points.

After 6 questions, the lowest team score wins.


I LOVE the twist in Pointless, finding an obscure right answer lets you think of things in a different way. For most questions, everyone can have a right answer, but is it too obvious?

Tiny Box.


If the box is knocked, the cards can move to the side and depending where you are around the table you might be able to see the answers.

Giving you a restricted set of choices is obviously the only way they can do it in a travel game but you lose some of that true ‘Pointless’ feel. Also, 1 in 7 guess? Remove the ones you know are right but obvious and the math is in your favour.


One of many decent quiz games, but flawed.

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