Gameday First Play – Chaosmos

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Remember Spy v Spy? An awesome computer game from the 80’s based on a comic in Mad Magazine?

This is SO a board game of that!

The universe is about to collapse, and your final hope lies in an ancient mysterious artefact, the Ovoid. Whoever controls this “cosmic egg” can shape the birthing of the next universe according to their own agenda. Players are secret agents from a handful of surviving worlds, zipping from planet to planet in special “amnion suits” that allow for interstellar travel, space combat and planetary landings.

Each player has a funky, humorous race they control…

Chaosmos Gazmae

You’re basically moving around a board, hiding/drawing cards on planets. When you get to a Planet you look inside the envelope of cards stored there…

Chaosmos Envelopes


If someone has already visited that planet they may have left some cards face up. These are traps that have nasty effects or Bases that you have to fight… Deal with them and you get to look at the cards.

But, as the Blurb says you’re trying to find the Ovoid… We played with a cool variant where there are 3 cards… One is the Oviod, one is the Dark Ovoid and the Cipher, which tells you which is the REAL Oviod.

Chaosmos Ovoids


So you go around, checking envelopes, fighting other players to look in their hand and swap cards trying to finish the game holding the Ovoid…

I happened to start the game with one and pick up the other on the first turn. It wasn’t long before I knew what was what…

Chaosmos Boards


While it was fun I do need to play it again. Having figured out so much and being in control of the knowledge for the majority of the game there wasn’t much to do.

All I had to do is play ignorant and keep my head down. When the REAL Ovoid was taken form me I stole it back on the very last turn of the game and won…

It was a win, but it felt cheap.

Maybe future plays will lead to better game situations.

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