Fave 5 Penny Arcade: Rumble in R’lyeh Characters

I looked at my Fave 5 Characters from Penny Arcade: Gamers vs Evil.

Now I’m going to do the same for the standalone expansion, Rumble in R’Lyeh.

5 – Nutsy

Nutsy starts the game with the card “Puppy Cuddles” in the deck. This is a PVP attack that gives each opponent a Pax Pox if the top card of there deck costs 1 or more.

It gives you plus +2 Power which is cool and those Pax Poxes start to slow your opponents down.

A very good character and you get to give Puppy Cuddles 🙂


4 – Warsun Gabe

Warsun Gabe lets you draw an extra card the first time a card tells you to draw a card each turn.

On it’s own that’s not great really but eventually it turns into an extra card reach turn. It could be the difference between buying a Boss Loot and not.

Warsun Gabe

3 – Tranquil Tycho

If you reveal your hand to show you don’t have any Cardboard Tubes, you get +2 tokens. You only start with 4 so after you delete 1 or 2 you can start to gain +2 tokens every turn!

It does mean you HAVE to go Green and the board set up might make it hard to win but if the set up is in your favour you will have a very very enjoyable game.

Tranquil Tycho

2 – Frank

The first non-Boss Loot you buy each turn that costs 4 or less can be put on top of your deck.

This means that awesome card you bought first turn can be played on the second turn!

Not THAT great late game but you get off to a flying start!


1 – Karapyss the Crabomancer

You start the game with the “Staff of Karapyss” card in your deck. This lets you copy a face up Green card on the board as long as it costs 5 or less.

The flexibility this card gives you means you can start to buy expensive cards early in the game and later copy a card that deletes or draws… whatever you need.

 Karapyss the Crabomancer

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