Fave 5 Penny Arcade: Gamers vs Evil Characters

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I took a look at my Fave 5 cards from Penny Arcade: Gamers vs Evil not so long ago but I did say the choice was situational.

One of the situations depends on the character card you have.

Each group will have its own way of choosing which character to use. We deal out 2 randomly to each player and you choose BEFORE the game cards piles are chosen.

We find this means you can’t just pick the character to suit the board. Too many games were won with Rex Ready thanks to Bat Milk AND Fairy Candymancer being out.

So when picking there are usually some I’d rather pick than others, here are my Fave 5.

5 – Mr Period

The reason I like Mr Period is that no matter the board set up, you can benefit.


Mr Period - Penny Arcade
I pretty much go either ALL Green or ALL Red depending which side takes my fancy. It’s not a perfect situation but it’s nice to have a challenge.

A lot of the time that +1 is the difference between buying a boss, and not.

4 – Kreazie

Again, the board set up can really help this card.


If there is a few low cost cards of both colour you can start getting a bonus right from the off. Also, it doesn’t matter too much what you buy as long as you get that extra card. Good mindless fun.

3 – Rex Ready

License to Kill is awesome, especially early on when you’re deleting Cardboard Tubes.

Rex Ready

Back before we house-ruled the almost official errata to BatMilk (Reveal one card instead of 2) this was my number 1 pick. As mentioned in the intro, if Batmilk and Fairy Candymancer are out you could delete anything Red from your deck and Green it all the way to almost a Boss a turn.

Now we changed the rule I still like it, delete is a powerful thing in deck building games but it’s not an automatic pick for me.

2 – Annarchy

Bat’leth is strong right through the game.


You’re hoping for a slightly Red heavy board set up. If not you still get a nice early jump on buying a hefty Red card on turn one or two.

1 – Catsby

Twisp is amazing right from turn one and gets better as the game goes on.


Being able to copy ANY card you play is a great ability. It gives you +1 of what ever you need the first time you play it and later on allows you to copy bosses.

It’s my fave character. That doesn’t mean I pick it every time I get it, but usually I won’t pass on it.

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