Essen 2014 – Villannex

Posted on by Jesta

Very tiny, quite cute.

No idea what I’m doing but it only takes a minute.

Each player is dealt 6 cards, then everyone shows 4 of them to each other player so everyone knows what cards are in the round.

You then pick 2 of your 6 cards and match them up to your production window and each player reveals simultaneously

Villannex Game PlayYou then work out what you have produced and how much each item you have produced is worth.

Add them up, most points wins.

Very simple, very hard to judge. The game we played 20 points won in and they gained 15 points from one card they didn’t even play. You could produce a bunch of Wood only to have an opponent make wood worth negative points.

Will have to play this again to see if there are tactical choices that can be made.

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