Review – Lost Legacy

A bluffing, deduction card game.

Title: Lost Legacy

Year Published: 2014

Designer: Seiji Kanai, Hayato Kisaragi

Publisher: AEG

Players: 2-4

Game Time: ~10 Mins

Set-up Time: >1 Mins

Ages: 10+

Theme: Sci-Fi

Mechanic: Bluffing, Deduction

How to win: Find the Lost Legacy or Eliminate the other players.

Game Description

Lost Legacy is a game of risk, deduction, and luck for 2–4 players.

Set Up

Shuffle the deck, deal one to each person and place one face down next to the deck to create the ruins.

Lost Legacy Setup

Game Play

On your turn, draw a card and place card in front of you and resolve it’s ability.

This continues until someone can’t draw a card or they are the last player standing.

If they are the last player standing they score a point and a new round begins.

If they can’t draw a card, the investigation phase begins. Announce a number in ascending order, starting with 1 and if a player has a card of that number they reveal it.

They pick a card in the ruins or another players hand. If they pick the Lost Legacy they score a point. If not, the next highest ranked card in a players hand gets to pick.

Lost Legacy Legacy Cards

If two players have the same value, or they have an ‘X’ card, they do not get to pick.

Game End

Once one person has won a number of tokens depending on the player count the game ends.

Round Up

Being a big fan of Love Letter  this was an instant buy for me. We play Love Letter a lot and both versions (Tempest and Kanai Factory) and they give a different feel so it’s great to have more games with that same system and feeling.

Each version of Lost Legacy feels quite different and you even have to change tactics slightly to win each version. Having them be different this way means you’re keeping this great game nice and fresh, even if it means buying a few copies of virtually the same game.

Another great thing about Lost Legacy is that you can combine 2 sets (removing one of the Lost Legacies) to play up to 6 players. While a bit slower, it works.


One of my favourite games.

I give it 8/10

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