Essen 2014 – Pick-a-Polar Bear

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Stop! Ah no wait don’t stop awww dammit…

Polar bear cards are laid out in a 6×5 grid.

Everyone is dealt 1 card face down, then someone shouts go!

Pick a Polar Bear Cards

You flip up your card and look at the board. you’re looking to grab a Polar Bear that has one difference between the one in your hand and the one on the board. When you pick one, you need to find another than has one difference with your new card.

When someone thinks they can’t take another card they say ‘Stop’. Their last card is checked, if they could have taken anther card, they’re out! If not they get a free card to add to their score.

Then every players stack is checked, if they made a mistake, they’re out too!

Players who didn’t make a mistake count their cards, most cards wins.

A nice light fun game, i bought it for my nephew so I’ll be playing this again.

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