Essen 2014 – League of Hackers

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A super fun hacking competition in the future?

Or Race for the Galaxy without the complexity?

So in this game you’re a hacker hacking other people servers and dealing ‘damage’ to score points. You need to defend your servers to reduce the amount of damage dealt.

There are 4 actions you can take, Install, Defence, Attack or Mitigation. Each player chooses an action tile and places it face down on top of the card they’re going to play.

Cards used to pay the cost of the played card are placed under that one. What do the actions do?

League of Hackers Components

Well Install let’s you add a new Server to your set up. You start with one and installing more is a good thing.

The Defence action increases the defence of your servers depending on the colour of the card played. these are marked on a card. Defence cards stay in front of you too and have an action on them that activates each time you use one of the 4 actions.

It’s always fun to Attack, the attack cards have 4 options and the option you choose depends on the amount you have paid to activate it. Attacks, like the Defence cards, target a single colour.

Mitigation – Choose any amount of cards to pay to remove damage form your servers. You must choose this action when you can’t pay for other actions.

After players have taken 5 actions or when no players have cards left in hand, the round ends, you apply all round end effects first, then players gain points for their server cards.

Gain 1 VP for each hole that is not covered by Damage tokens.
Gain bonus VP listed on each server card that doesn’t have any Damage tokens on all holes on that server.

Then you clear all damage, deal new cards and play 2 more rounds. Servers get bigger and better as the rounds go on.

It’s a very fun game. The theme is cool and it’s not too complicated especially when compared to similar style games.

One I’m glad to own.

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