Essen 2014 – Illegal

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Wheeling and Dealing.

Swap your porn for my cocaine?

You start with a Seller cards and a bunch of cards showing the ‘thing’ they sell. If you have the Porn guy you start with a bunch of porn, and maybe an Alcohol card or two.

You also have a buyer who shows you what you’re trying to get hold of.

Then you have 4 minutes of walking around trading things with other people. Trade away your stock good for the one you want… but without giving much information out.

Illegal CardsAfter the trading is done and before cards are revealed you go through each seller card and do a simultaneous vote. If a majority of the players pick the right person, they lose loads of points.

So not only do you need to trade for things you want secretly, you need to trade for things you don’t want to trade them away later, to keep yourself hidden.

It’s a fun game but sadly it needs a GM… or does it?

There is a way now that the GM can take part in the game making it slightly more appealing.

It’s a fun game and the non-GM variant means I’ll probably pick this one up.

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