Essen 2014 – Dino Race

Posted on by Jesta

Race towards the finish…

..and away from the Lava.

A track is created with tiles starting with a Volcano and trailing around the table. Everyone gets 2 Dinosaurs on tile 1 and 2.

Dino Race Game Start

The start player gets the Egg, and blessing and a curse. You play cards from your hand matching a terrain tile to move your dinosaurs forward.

Then you roll a die. If it’s a terrain type everyone draws a card for each Dinosaur on that Terrain. if it’s a volcano, the player rolling the die takes a fire token. You then flip over the Volcano, or the next tile in it’s path and the Lava starts chasing you around the board.

Dino Race Board


If you get a Lava token and you’re holding the egg you discard your hand. There are cards that let you pass the egg, and knock down Dino’s on your tile.

When you finish you get point tokens but if you cross the line with the egg you get another, different one, most points wins.

Nice bit of fun, what it lacks in tactical play it makes up in cuteness 🙂

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2 Responses to Essen 2014 – Dino Race

  1. -Red_Devil- says:

    Realise that for an adult this may all be pretty simple, but I’m far more interested in how well this game plays with kids. The current stock of board games seems to be centered around ‘cards’ and ‘rules’, which is great for experienced players but leaves a huge hole for the younger market. eg. the old Dungeon! game is actually a cracker for kids even as young as 4 and 5 as there is a lot of counting and number recognition required. However I’m struggling to find other decent board games like that, and I don’t like any of the common ‘Milton and Bradley’-eque junk as it has very little replay value (especially for kids).

  2. Jesta says:


    I guess it depends on the kid? There is quite a bit of ‘take that’ in this game.

    If they are OK with losing all their cards because they were holding the egg when they are hit by Lava, having their dinosaur knocked down by another player or not being able to move due to unlucky card draws… it’s a very good game for kids.

    But I can see some kids getting a bit upset playing it 🙂

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