Essen 2014 – Chosŏn

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Chosŏn, the sequel to Koryŏ.

I have never heard of Koryŏ.

This game is played over 8 rounds. In round 1 you draw 10 card and can keep 3 at the end of the round. Each round sees you draw one less but increase the amount of cards you can keep by one.

You play cards of the same ‘suit’, or one each of two different suits and play them face down. or you can play 3 action cards or a character and an action.

You actually discard the rest of your cards so this is an easy process usually not having that ‘what should I keep?’ feeling hanging over your head.

Chosen Components


Then, in player order, you reveal the played cards and activate their abilities if you played an action. You can only activate abilities if you have the majority of that suit so going first is an advantage. Abilities let you do stuff like make a player discard a card in front of them or take the first player token… stuff like that.

Choson Character Cards


After 8 rounds the game ends and points are scored. it’s possible to have a token (I forget the name) that gives you 3 points at the end of the game unless your score is less than 10 then it’s doubled.

Chosen Game Play


I enjoyed this one. Not sure how many plays it will take to be done with it but it’s a nice card game. I would have bought this if I hadn’t already filled my suitcase 🙂

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