Game Rewind – December 2014

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A look back at games I played for the first time in December 2014.

Not too many, or many to recommend this time!

Sheriff of Nottingham


A nice simple game of bluffing that takes 5 times longer to play that it should. Managed to avoid playing it again despite its popularity.

Result:Once was enough

Die Baumeister von Arkadia


An overly complicated hidden role game. The worse kind of hidden role game.

Result: Once was enough



A very fun trick taking game with nice shiny cards and nice plastic Diamonds. I won my first game of this going route one, just playing Diamonds cards as often as possible.

I’d like to try it again playing a different way, but why would I?

Result: Wouldn’t turn it down, wouldn’t ask for it.


Teletrations Box


A great game of ‘Chinese Whispers’ by alternating drawing a word, and writing what you drew.

Some VERY funny moments have come out of this game, especially when it all goes wrong.

Result: Fantastic game!


Mysterium Box


A fantastic co-op game where one player is a Ghost providing clues to the other players who play Psychics. They’re trying to help them point out it’s killer, the murder location and the murder weapon via cards with amazing artwork.

Often described as Cluedo meets Dixit, it’s a very fun game but I have since sold the pictured edition and repalced it with the new English one.

Result: Own it, like it.

Race for the Galaxy


A tableau building card game that, while not bad, was replaced by the dice version.

Result: Would rather play Roll for the Galaxy.



Great abstract game that I’m terrible at, but it’s always fun to try 🙂

Result: I prefer others, but I’d try again.

Russian Railroads


Great railway building themed Euro with multiple ways to score BIG points. I’ve played it a few times and tried different strategies each time and each were different and fun.

Result: I’d like to play with the expansions.

Tragedy Looper


A cool deduction type game where 1 player is a mastermind trying to complete a plan and the others are trying to stop them. If they fail to stop them the first time, and they probably will, time loops back and they get another go.

I’ve never played as a Mastermind and I’m not sure I want to, too complicated for me 🙂

Result: Good game

Bruxelles 1893


A mean Euro that doesn’t impress.

Result: Other Euros are available.



Excellent bright and colourful Euro based in an underwater research facility.

It’s a Feld, but a nice Feld.

Result: I would play it again.

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