Review – Dixit

A storytelling, voting game.

Title: Dixit.

Year Published: 2008

Designer: Jean-Louis Roubira

Publisher: Asmodee

Players: 3-6

Game Time: 30+ Mins

Set-up Time: >3 Mins

Ages: 8+


Mechanic: Bluffing, Voting

How to win: Score the most points when the deck runs out.

Set Up

Each player takes a Rabbit token and places on the 0 space on the score board.

Each player takes the same colour tokens from number 1 to the number of players.

Shuffle the deck and deal 6 cards to each player.

Game Play

One player is the Storyteller.

They look at the 6 cards in their hand, places one face down on the table and makes up something about that card.

Each other player then looks at their hand and places a card they think best matches what the Storyteller said. They place this card face down on top of the Storytellers card.

The Storyteller shuffles all the played cards and put them in a row face up.

Everyone except the Storyteller will vote on the cards, trying to guess which belongs to the Storyteller.

Dixit Voting

Yellow is the Storyteller and card number 2 is his. Yellow, Red and Green get 3 points. Blue voted for card number 3, as this is Red’s card, Red gets another point.

If everyone, or no-one voted for the Storytellers card, everyone except the Storyteller gains 2 points.

If some but not all players vote for the Storytellers card, the players that voted for it and the Storyteller gains 3 points.

Each non-Storyteller player gains 1 point for each vote their card receives.

The played cards are discarded, the players draw back up to 6 cards and the Storyteller moves one player to the left.

Game End

When the last card in the deck has been drawn, the player with the most points wins.

Yellow is in the lead after a couple of rounds. If the deck of cards runs out now, the Yellow player would win.

Yellow is in the lead after a couple of rounds. If the deck of cards runs out now, the Yellow player would win.

Round Up

This is a great family game. Sometimes it can be hard to come up with something for a card in your hand if you’re the Storyteller and this will put some people off.

But when it’s going it’s a good game. When you have voted and the Storyteller tells you which card is theirs the reactions of “Ooo, Ok, I see it now” or “What? That’s terrible!” is great fun.


Good game.

I give it 3/10

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