UK Games Expo 2017 – Wordsy

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I sat down to play Wordsy at the UK Games Expo 2017.

So what is Wordsy?

Wordsy is a streamlined re-implementation of Prolix, a word game from 2010.

A number of letter cards are laid out on the table…

Each player then thinks of a word that uses as many of these letters as possible. You can use ANY letters, even if they are not on the table but only these ones score.

The first player to write a word will flip a timer and take a token to show they did so.

Once the timer starts all remaining players have 30 seconds to get their word down…

Once everyone is ready, you score points for each letter used depending which column it’s in… IF you score more points than than the player that flipped the timer, you get a bonus point.

You remove SOME of the cards on the table, shuffle up the rest and refill the row and start a new round.

The player with the most points after a certain number of rounds wins.


It’s good, if you like word games, and a decent challenge that will reward the most wordy player.

The timer, and the penalty for flipping too early, are both good mechanisms that push the game forward while allowing players time to find a decent word.


Very light, more pastime than game, and less complex than games like Paperback.


If you like word games get some of the sheets with the game laminated, get some wipe-able markers because you’ll play this game A LOT. I would 🙂

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