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Flicking Penguins, why not…

Then you have that feeling you’ll never be as good as the demo video…

3 of the players are trying to get around the School to collect Fish while one person plays the Hall monitor trying to catch them. Each player takes a turn as the Hall Monitor and at the end of the game the player with the most points wins.

This is an interesting ‘Box in a Box’ game where the box fits together like a Russian Doll and clips together, it works very well.

Above some of the doors you clip fish of the players colours and you start.

Ice Cool Board

The Student Penguins are trying to flick their Penguins through the doors and collect all 3 of their fish without being caught by the Hall Monitor.

When a Student collects a Fish they draw a card from the deck of score cards that are numbered 1-3 points.

The Hall Monitor is trying to ‘Hit’ the other Penguins to catch them… If they do they take their hall pass from them.

A round ends when either all the Students are caught or a Student gets all 3 of their fish.

Then, players each draw a Point card for each Hall Pass they have left.

At the end of your turn you can flip up 2 ‘1 Point’ value cards to take an extra turn, you still keep them for scoring.

After each player has been the Hall Monitor, the player with the most points wins.

It’s good fun with great bits… The penguins are weighted at the bottom like a Weeble so you can curl them around corners and with a bit of practice you can ‘Jump’ them over walls.

With A LOT of practice you can Jump AND Curl them in the same move, that’s way out of my capabilities right now.

I’ll be playing this with 3-4 different groups over the next 2 weeks so I’ll be interested to see who finds it fun and who views it as a ‘Kids Game’.

I’m a kid, I like it 🙂


Note: The copy I played was a review copy generously provided by Brain Games, big thanks to them for this game.

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