UK Games Expo 2016 – Animals on Board

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We stopped by to play this at the Pegasus Spiel booth.

An ‘I split, you choose’ type game for 2-4 players.

You win by scoring more points for Animals you get on your Ark than the other players.

Each player gets 3 tiles face down, secretly puts one on their Ark and puts the other two in the middle of the table. A number of animal tiles are added to them depending on the player count, with one more additional tile face down.

On your turn you do one of two things…

Either, split a group of animals and take a food token. Once the initial group have been split you can split either of the other 2 groups so each group will get smaller and smaller and the number of groups will grow and grow.

When splitting you can divide them in any number you like. A groups of 5 can be split 1 and 4 or 3 and 2… any tiles in that initial 5 can be put in either new group.

Animals on Board Tiles

Awful pic I know, I didn’t even take one of the Arks! 🙂 There are 4 groups of animals with each animal numbered 1 to 5… Trust me 🙂

Or, you can take a group of animals by paying 1 food token per animal token in that group and add them to your Ark. You then add a flag to your ark to show you have passed.

This continues until 1 player is left, that player has one action and then the round ends.

Animals are added to the middle to make one group again like the beginning of the game and the player to pass first in the last round is the new start player.

This continues until a round ends where a player has 10 or more Animals on their Ark.

You discard any Animal you have just 2 of, Noah has the Monopoly of animals on an Ark two by two.

Any Singles are worth their face value, and ‘Herds’ of 3 or more are worth 5 points per tile no matter how many is in the Herd.

Played 2, Won 2 😀

A very fun, cute game, frustrating and fun and I immediately bought a copy 🙂

Animals on Board Ark

 (Better picture from Board Game Geek user punkin312)

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