TableTop Day – Lords of Waterdeep

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Lords of Waterdeep is a worker placement game set in the D&D universe.

It could also be described as a cube acquisition game based on a board with Meeples (Yay Meeples!)

The following is a prepared statement that has to be said every time someone talks about this game.

“The component quality is excellent and the box insert is the best around”

There, done.

I have to say, I like this game. It’s basic but it does require thought and although it’s not as complex and some Euro’s out there I like it’s simplicity.

Lords of Waterdeep

I don’t remember the name of my Lord but I had to complete Skulduggery and Wealth quests. I completed a 25 point quest and got off to a flying start and was quite a bit in the lead.

But that led to me having no intrigue cards, no quests and no resources… At all. By the time I had built everything back up I was only 10 points ahead and the game was almost over.

I would say that 8 turns does not seem like a lot for this game, I would like more.

Anyway… Diablos had the building builder Lord card and won by building a majority of the buildings.

I think a few more games and we’ll be more tactical and understand things a bit better. I’m looking forward to playing it again.

Lords of Waterdeep Above

The names of the Lords, the names of the Locations, the Quest titles and the little blocks that represent people all have very little impact. Which is a shame. But at least it’s fun to play.

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