Gameday First Play – The Walking Dead Board Game

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The Walking Dead Board Game is a Board Game about the Walking Dead.

The most Cryptozoic game ever.

Players take on the role of Rick, Shane, Andrea or one of the other stalwart remnants of humanity as they struggle to survive while learning to live with one another. Innovative game play can lead to unexpected alliances, as “every man for himself” blends with cooperative play and players race to get back to camp alive. Ever-dwindling resources make every decision “life or death” … and as the supplies run out, the tension ramps up in this post-apocalyptic world.

Hey Crypotozoic, I don’t think ‘Innovative game play’ means what you think it means.

I played as one of the ‘other stalwarts’… Dale. He had a special ability that I never used.

The Wakling Dead Board Game Character

So you roll and move around a board and draw an event card. The event is something you need to overcome and is generally a number you need to roll higher than on a D6. You have ‘scavenge’ for things to help you out. So a baseball bat ¬†might give you +1 or a ShotGun might give +5 but it’s loud so if you roll a 1 you have to draw another event.

Events are hard. The first one I had was a 9 so I needed a 6 on a D6 to pass, I didn’t. If you pass you get a reward fail and you lose an life (ally token). If you run out of allies you become a Walker and play cards to hinder and kill the survivors.

The Walking Dead Board Game Board

You’re trying to get to each corner of the board, pass 2 events on that space and get to the middle. All with a D6.

It’s basic and far from innovative. It’s fun and light though and when 2 players turn into Walkers it becomes a 2 on 2 race which was pretty cool.

It’s like a version of Archer: Danger Zone with extra ‘bloat’ but¬†this style game fits the Archer universe much better.

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