Gameday First Play – Waggle Dance

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Hive got to Bee careful here…

It’s all about the Honey, Honey Honey.

Build a beehive, collect nectar, and make honey while also being efficient, being strategic, and outmanoeuvring your opponents!

So you start with a little Hive, no Honey and a few Bees. You’re trying to make the most Honey while being efficient with your workers.

You take turns placing bees in one of the 11 spaces on the ‘board’…. The board is made up of 12 cards laid out like so…

Waggle Dance Board

When everyone has placed Bees you resolve the cards in order from right to left as we see it here.

This actions let you grow your hive by adding a Hex. Place eggs on your hive or collect some of the 6 different colours of pollen. You can also convert eggs to pollen or pollen to different colour pollen… You can also draw action cards you can play later.

For some actions need you to play dice onto your hive…

Waggle Dance Player Area

Check out the cool Hex dots on the dice BTW.

You can hatch eggs (the Extra Strong Mint looking thing) into new worker bees (or dice as they’re known) and move Pollen and Eggs around. You can also make honey if you have 4 of the same colour pollen in one space.

I’ve ripped through this games description because the mechanisms and game play is so simple a detailed description would be pretty dull. Get Pollen, make honey, that’s it!

Acquiring pollen using those 6 cards in a circle is based on a ‘have most get 2, or get 1’ system so getting pollen isn’t very straight forward.

Also, you’re racing to a target of 5 bits of Honey… I just don’t like racing to a target in this kind of game.

All in all quite, fun, very pretty but a bit flat for me. I don’t want Honey in my game, I want MEAT!

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