Gameday First Play – Uchronia

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I’ve played a few resource management and town building games in my time…

But not like this. (Sort of)

In Uchronia, you are the patriarch of a great Uchronian noble house, competing with the other houses that commit their wealth to building the city, enriching it with new constructions, and striving to win over the people.

Apparently this is a re-implementation of Glory to Rome, a game I haven’t played. Although it did feel like an Alhambra advanced?

It’s a hard game to explain without making it sound confusing so I’ll give the lite version.

Cards double as stock and abilities. Stock is the resource used to build buildings and abilities are played from your hand and boosted with ability cards you have stored as “Activities”. As someone mentioned, like Eminent Domain in a way.

On your turn you can play abilities as follows…

Production – Take a card from the pool into your stock
Exploration – Put a card from your hand into your stock
Draconian – Reveal a card from your hand, put a matching card from the pool into your stock, plus a matching card from each players hand int your stock
Trade – Transfer a card from the stock to an ability
Construction – Take a building from the pool to start construction or move matching resources from your stock to a building under construction to help build it.



Buildings (and other things) are worth points, get to X points and players take an even number of turns. Most points wins.

I really liked this game. I know when a game ends and I want to play it again it either means I enjoyed it, or I messed up somewhere and want a second chance.

I really want to play it again. I loved the mechanics, the moderate level of interactivity and the intuitive iconography.

Very good game.

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