Gameday First Play – Trieste

A 3 way battle to rule Trieste.

For 3 players and 3 players only.

The coastal city of Trieste is a flurry of trade and activity, but where there’s power, there are always those who will compete to grab as much of it as they can. Conflict erupts in the streets, shops, and back alleys. Only one can truly rule Trieste. Will it be you?

This is a game for exactly 3 players but each player has their own unique deck and win condition.┬áBUT, each player effects each other players ability to win… It’s VERY clever.

On your turn you draw cards, either from your deck, the money pile or a mix of both… The money pile contains cards with values of money from 1 to 4.

Then each player plays a card and simultaneously reveals and pays for the card with the money they have in their hand.

Drawing and activating cards is always done in this order: City Watch, Merchant, Thief.

Each card will activate and things will happen with each faction trying to move towards their end goal while slowing down the other players.

During the end step, each Faction will check to see if they have won.

Trieste City Watch Win Condition

The City Watch is trying to capture Thieves to win the game. They will play cards that will stop Thieves played this turn from activating as well as pulling them from the discard pile into Prison.

Capturing Thieves will reduce the Thief players Infamy, as well as slow down the Merchant by increasing the amount they need to win.

Trieste Merchant Win Condition

The Merchant is trying to make money. They need 11 ‘Money’ in their hand plus X where X is the total level of the Thief cards the City Guard has captured.

They can Tax the City Guard, slowing down their actions and preventing them from capturing Thieves as quick as they otherwise could.

Trieste Thief Win Condition

The Thief gains Infamy for activating Thief cards.

Trying to avoid arrest slows the City Guard down from winning but they can also steal cards out the Merchants hand, hopefully pulling out those valuable Money cards.

Three of us played 3 games of this and each one was great. We took turns being all 3 factions and every game was quite even getting more and more even as the 2 of us that hadn’t played before got the hang of it.

I do feel you maybe need good players, I wonder what would happen if one player was making bad choices… It would kick a leg out form under this 3 legged stool and it could tip in someone’s favour.

You may have noticed I didn’t show, or mention, any cards you actually play just because they’re not important to the overall feel of the game although they are fairly thematic. This constant 3 way push n pull is the main part. The fun part. To be honest, the unique part.

I had wanted to play this for a long time and I was not disappointed, I will likely see this on my shelf very soon.

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