Gameday First Play – Sheepdogs of Pendleton Hill

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Very cute…

Very mean…

In Sheepdogs of Pendleton Hill, each player takes the role of a sheepdog and uses card play to move flocks of sheep up the hill to the shepherds. The higher a player’s sheep gets before meeting its shepherds, the more points he will score. The player who scores the most points wins.

As the blurb says, you’re moving flocks of Sheep up a hill of various pastures making your sheep meet your Shepard. When a sheep of your colour moves into a pasture with a Shepard, you remove both of them and score points equal to the points printed on the Pasture.

The higher up the board, the more points these pastures are worth but the harder it is to move a flock of sheep up the board.

Moving Sheep, adding Shepard’s etc are done by cards. The cool part is that a Flock of sheep will be mixed with all players sheep, and anyone can move a Flock, or put a Shepard on the board. So adding Shepard’s to the lower point pastures and moving Flocks with your opponents Sheep onto them is a much used tactics. You give up 1 point, but that Sheep isn’t going to get them 5-7 points higher up the Hill.

Sheepdogs of Pendleton Hill Gameplay


You can also move a Wolf around the board to ‘Frighten Off’ a sheep of your choice.

The board is nice, the HUGE chunky wooden bits get people coming over to your table (As much as Kaosball did on the day).

It is quite mean, but fun, and pretty.

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