Gameday First Play – The Pursuit of Happiness

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“The world is your oyster. It’s up to you to find the pearls.”

~ Chris Gardner, The Pursuit of Happyness

We all have one common desire – the desire for happiness. As we build our life, taking steps towards The Pursuit of Happiness, we come closer to the realisation that happiness lies in the pursuit.

This is a quite a simple game to explain. You get a job, gain skills, balance the time you have left and your income with your relationships, hobbies etc You need to get as much Long Term happiness as possible.

So pretty much a simulation of life then… But it’s not boring or stressful (no real life stress anyway) it’s done in a fun way with cute art…

It’s a worker placement game and your workers are hourglass figures representing your time. To take an action, you put an hourglass on that space and do whatever it lets you do. Eventually you’ll lose/gain hourglasses per round depending on how busy your life is or how stress free you are.

The Pursuit of Happiness Action Track

The basics are on this side of the board. You can Study, Play, Interact or get a Temp Job… These 4 spaces give you the 4 base resources you will use to do things in the game.

Also on this side of the board is the stress track, moving down on this is difficult, moving up is easy if you let things get out of hand and if you move off the end you die, game over.

But, you shouldn’t go off the end until near the end of the game unless you’re really aggressive. The final 3 rounds of the 8 in the game represent Old Age and these increase your Stress, killing you off eventually anyway.

The short term happiness track determines turn order and also helps to reduce the cost of activating cards… a Stress free life is an easy life!

The Pursuit of Happiness Cards

The other side of the board is where all the cards are laid out.

The top row are projects that you, or everyone can take part in such as learning to Sing etc If its one for just you, pay the resources, take the card, put it in front of you  and reap the rewards each turn. (Some are a one off cost one set of resources and rewarding another).

The Group projects are fun as these are Projects that 4 people can take part in, like write a Magazine. Each player can spend an action and pay the cost and the more people that take part, the more rewards everyone gets.

Next are things you can buy such as a boat or even a board game collection. These generally cost cash and give you resources. Pets a cool, and cute, they give you short term happiness… but they age with you and die before you, but they give you Long Term Happiness as you remember your good times together… Sad…

Jobs are your main income. They give you Money each round, cost resources such as time and intellect etc (or whatever the resources are called) and are pretty much essential to survival.

Lastly are Partners… Female one side, male the other but cost time and eventually cost more resources as the partnership moves from Dating, to a Relationship to Starting a Family.

Having all these things are good, but if you have too many Jobs, Relationships and Projects going at one time you gain stress each round…

Once everyone has been killed off the game end, most Long Term Happiness wins.

Everything in this game works well. You need a job for income and this pretty much restricts what you’re able to do. You have to balance your Relationships and Hobbies around your job, again, just like real life.

That’s all you need to say about the game really, everything works together really well. Fun game.

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