Gameday First Play – The Little Prince: Make Me a Planet

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“All grown-ups were once children… but only a few of them remember it.”

~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

In The Little Prince: Make Me a Planet, each player will build his own planet to provide a beautiful home for the dear animals of The Little Prince – the fox, the sheep, the elephant and the snake – but make sure there aren’t too many volcanoes and baobab trees!

In this game, each player will build a planet out of 16 tiles in a 4×4 grid consisting of 12 planet tiles and 4 scoring tiles to fill out the corners.

One player will pick a number of tiles equal to the number of players from one of the 4 stacks available…

They then pick one and pass the rest on to the next player of their choosing. This continues until the final player is stuck with one of the tiles.

That player chooses which pile to draw tiles from and a new hand is formed and passed…

When you have a tile, you add it to your play area…

You’re looking to match up the ‘things’ on your planet and put them in line with the requirements on your scoring tiles.

Also, the player with the most Volcanoes at the end of the game will lose points…

On top of this, if you have 3 ‘Baobab Trees’ you flip the tiles containing those trees face down.

After 16 rounds of drafting tiles, you’ll end up with a finished planet.

You add up your points, lose points if you have the most Volcanoes, most points wins.


It’s a simple drafting game where you’re trying to make the best of what you’re being given.

Choosing the turn order of drafting each hand allows the game to balance a bit. I was doing well so everyone came together to make sure I got a 3rd Baobab Tree which cost me 14 points. You don’t get to influence play like this in most drafting games.

It’s cute.


It’s a little mean for me as you need to try and screw over people who are doing well. It’s too light to be such an evil game 🙂


A nice little drafting game, even if it’s a little mean 🙂

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