Gameday First Play – Pecunia non olet

What can you say about this game?

Pecunia non olet = Money Doesn’t Stink

It’s about owning a rental toilet in Ancient Rome…

A card game in the old Rome, in which the players act as rental toilette owners, who have to earn their money from the Romans, who feel an urgent need…

So yeah… You have a Toilet. You get two random people to put in it and 5 in the queue.

They have 2 values, one is the time ‘spent’ doing their thing and you place logs on them to represent this time. The other value is how much they will tip when ‘done’.

Pecunia non olet Starting Setup

At the beginning of your turn you take off one ‘log’ from each.. erm.. guest? Anyone without a log leaves and you score points equal to their tip value.

Then you can fill up your loo starting with the front of your queue and playing cards that work similar to Guillotine to manipulate the queue and mess with other players.

Characters have requests too, in that Senators won’t sit next to slaves. Ladies, of course, go to the bathroom in pairs so they can share a cubicle.

It’s a fun game with lot’s of jokes and a nice filler I will be happy to play any time.

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