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“Though thy crest be shorn and shaven, thou,” I said, “art sure no craven,
Ghastly grim and ancient Raven wandering from the Nightly shore—

Tell me what thy lordly name is on the Night’s Plutonian shore!”
Quoth the Raven “Are we passing Left or Right this round?”

Pass with care…

Many are the paths to power: brute force, subtle deception, cunning trickery. You hold the cards…but you can’t keep them all. What will you decide to collect for personal gain? And what are you willing to give up in order to destroy? The Ravens are gathering, many of whom used to be rivals. Will you rise to power or simply be…nevermore.

This is a drafting game with a ‘take that’ element.

Everyone starts out with 4 or 5 health depending on play numbers represented by Purple cubes.

Nevermore Health

In the middle of the table there is a token that denotes the direction of drafting plus 6 tokens that show which actions will be taken in what order. The 4 tokens in the middle start in the same order but each other round they will be shuffled, placed face down and turned over one at a time.

Nevermore Central Cards


So you get a hand of 5 cards, draft 3, then 2, then 1 in the direction shown for the round then you’re stuck with what you have.

Then you play them, in order of the tokens above. Everyone picks any number of cards to play face down then reveal simultaneously. At this point you can bluff by playing a ‘fake hand’ by pulling the cards back in your hand when it’s time to reveal. You have to play all the cards of that ‘suit’ that you have, no holding back.

They generally work by whoever played the most cards of a suit will minus the number played by the second highest. So if 4 of a suit are played by a player and the second most has 3, you get to do it once.

Also, you MUST get rid of your Raven cards… You do this by playing them with the other cards and they cancel it out. So say you play 3 of a suit and 1 Raven, it counts as 2.

But what are these actions? There are only 5 represented by one of each card and they also have a special action

Nevermore Cards


You start every round by seeing if anyone has a Conspiracy of 5 Ravens. If you do you deal one damage to all players, draw a Shadow Magic card and gain 1 victory point.

The other cards are…

Attack – Deal damage to a player. If you kill someone you gain a VP. If you attack for 4 or more in one go you deal 1 damage to all players instead and gain 1 victory point.

Healing – Heal that many points up to your Maximum. If you’re at max health and heal 3 health or more you gain 1 victory point.

Radiance – Gain a Light Magic card per action… If you manage to play 5 you heal up to 2 points of damage and gain 1 victory point.

Victory Points – Gain that many VP

You end every round by checking for Skulking Ravens. After using the ravens in your hand to cancel out your cards (which you MUST do) you draw a Shadow Magic card for each one you have left.

If you’re the last human in the game or score 6 points, you win.

If you die, you’re turned into a Raven…

Nevermore Raven

You’re dead, but not out of it!

Ravens can not win, attack, heal of gain VP by playing cards of those suits. But if they have the most of a suit they peck 1 point of damage to player/s holding the second most!

You can turn Human again by collecting 5 of one suit, or one of each of the 5 suits.

This game is FANTASTIC! I’d put it behind 7 Wonders as my second favourite drafting game and it kills the others like Fairy Tale, Sushi Go! and Medieval Academy for me. Although the latter still has a place, it’s fun.

The attacking of other players is generally something I don’t like… But if I play the most daggers and you play the second most it’s out of my hands! I didn’t TARGET you, I just had more of that suit 😉

The way you can die and come back is great… Even though coming back is hard you still get to be a dick from the beyond by pecking people to death and ruining their actions…

This is a fantastic game that plays up to 6 without slowing down so and will have quite a bit of variety with those Magic cards having various effects on the game.

A must buy for me.

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2 Responses to Gameday First Play – Nevermore

  1. K Wortendyke says:

    I Want to know if pecking is the same as an attack in view of light magic cards which prevent attacks? Would these cards stop someone from pecking??really loved the game

  2. Jesta says:

    I would play Attack as Attack and Peck as Peck…

    Not sure on the official rule though…

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