Gameday First Play – Heroes of Metro City

“…and Drainy pulled himself out of the rubble of Metro City and looked up at his Archenemy, he knew he had been defeated.”

“The bad guys have won this one…”

Heroes of Metro City is a deck-building card/board game in which each player represents a super-powered Hero of his own design who must stop their Archenemy’s nefarious plan to destroy Metro City. Devastate your enemies with thousands of possibilities and choices for your character. The base game includes over twenty explosive Power cards and many iconic Energy Sources, and a randomized subset of these will be selected for each game. It’s an exciting array of possibilities for your customized super-powered Hero.

Heroes of Metro City uses dynamic deck-building combined with unique Energy Source slots to create a power management mechanism (using your Hero Placard) that lets you decide which powers and abilities are most important for each turn. The Hero Placard also helps to guide you through the six phases of each turn.

To succeed, the Heroes must do battle with hordes of Minions, diabolical Villains, and the Archenemy who leads them! The more Energy and Powers a Hero develops, the closer he gets to defeating their Archenemy. The first player to defeat the Archenemy wins the game…unless the Archenemy destroys so much of Metro City that there’s nothing left to save!

I backed this game on Kickstarter over a year ago. In that time deck building games have grown a lot and there are TONNES of them. I was really looking forward to this but I was worried that in the year from Kickstarter end to Kickstarter delivery; this would be lost in the pile of other deck building games.

Thankfully, unlike Pixel Lincoln, this one still works really well.

To win, you need to hit the Arch-enemy once. If the Bad Guys try to destroy something but can’t, they win.

So this game is all about your Superhero. You start with cards called ‘Spark of Energy’ and ‘Origin Story’. These represent you initial spark of Super Hero power and the events leading up to your Super Power discovery.

Before the game starts, each player gets to buy cards from the stacks available. Although this is standard in deck building games, these stacks represent the skyscrapers of Metro City.

One you have chosen your powers you then use the dry wipe board to name your Hero… this is pretty important and not fluff.

Some cards give you a bonus if you have a certain ‘thing’ in your name. For example, ‘Affinity to Nature’ gives you a bonus if you have an animal in your name. Craig took the name “Wulf Ryder” for this reason, one of the other players, Matt, took a name not suitable for this or any other respectable blog! (But he did have an animal in his name)

I chose a life drain Power card, hence the name “Drainy”.

So this leads to lots of laughs before turn one.

Turn order is easy. Each ability has a bulky number that shows which phase that ability is played in. This is great for looking at your cards to see what you need to activate. Very simple.

Heroes of Metro City Gameplay

Phase 1 means reinforcing the enemy so just replacing any defeated Henchmen or Villains.

Phase 2 is activating Powers where you use your energy cards to provide Power to your Super Powers. This is interesting as it means you can’t just play everything from your hand.

Phase 3 is Battle Enemies. This is where you see how much damage you can deal from the Powers you played in Phase 2 to see if you can defeat the Henchmen or Villain. If you do you can add these to your deck for added plot points. If you can defeat the Arch-enemy, you win.

Phase 4 is Story Development where you use your plot points to purchase one new Power or Energy from the stacks of cards available.

Phase 5 is the City Destruction phase where the enemies attack. First you roll a D12 that is coloured for each of the 3 colours of Enemies. This represents the Police and Army stepping in to help. Any Enemy that isn’t stopped will activate the ability they have on their card. It will mostly involve destroying cards from the stacks. When they try to destroy a card but can’t because none are available, they win. The active player may destroy a matching card from your hand as an “Heroic Sacrifice”.

Phase 6 is the Clean Up Phase where Powers are moved form your player board to the discard pile.

This continues until one side is victorious.

It was fun. VERY hard but fun. The Arch-enemy had 8 health and between us I think we dealt 6 at the most. I’m looking forward to playing this one again, lots.

Shame the Deck Protectors from the Kickstarter are being shipped later as the card stock is that kind of card that scuffs and whitens quite easily.

But, having said that, good game, lot’s of fun and one that will be in my collection for a while.

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