Gameday First Play – The Golden City

Build a store on the coast and spread inwards.

Paper money and big hands.

From far away, the adventurers have come to the island with the golden city in its center. Just arrived, they open up the first shop directly at the coast. Already it is possible to open up other ones in the villages along the street connections.

That’s worth it because through that you’ll get goods, keys, money, and concessions that you need for getting ahead. And finally the first is able to establish himself in the golden City and thus get the most precious trading contracts.

So you build Stores by using sets of cards which you bid for at the start of each turn. The cards are in the 5 different land types and you need two of the same type to build in that area.

Bidding involves putting a big hand onto the set of 2 cards you want, that was my favourite bit, the big hand.

When you build you start at the coast the area you build on gives you a bonus. Either more land cards, money, goods etc Most importantly, 4 spaces give you a key.

The goal is to work your way along the roads to the Centre of the board where the Golden City is. You need a key to build in the middle of the Golden city and get the big points are.

The Golden City Gameplay


Every so often there’s a scoring round where you get points for building in certain areas or owning a certain type of good.

Most points wins.

I enjoyed playing this. It’s part of the same series as Valdora, which I also enjoyed.

I like hand management and set collection in games. I love the choices and the diversity required in goods, building areas required.

I preferred Valdora but this is a good game in itself.

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