Gameday First Play – Escape: Zombie City

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Run from the Zombies and Escape Zombie City…

You’d just got out that Temple too, it never ends!

In Escape: Zombie City, you and your fellow players are survivors of the zombie apocalypse, hiding in a church of a big city. Everything is going great — well, as great as it can be when zombies are all around — but this is all about to change as a big wave of zombies is coming to town, and they want your brainy goodness. Your only option is to gather all the necessary supplies, start up the old VW Microbus, and get the hell outta Dodge!

So this is the sequel of sorts to Escape: the Curse of the Temple so here I’m just going to cover the differences…

Firstly, the soundtrack is 15 minutes not 10…

You’re looking for 7 items to take back to the Church to add to the Cargo Bay. You can hold one at a time and you get them by rolling symbols on the relevant tiles you find.

As you’re walking round you may encounter a Zombie and you can roll the symbols needed to kill it. If you’re stood on a tile with a Zombie you can’t use your Gold icons to unlock your (or anyone’s) Black dice!

Escape Zombie City Game

Too frantic to take a picture, this one is from BGG

If you block all of your dice you can draw a card which will spawn or move Zombies. Zombies move towards the Central Church space and leave the game. If 3 Zombies leave you lose.

Once you have 7 things and you’re back at the middle, you get in the VW van… To move the van to the uncovered exit tile you need to roll the usual symbol for moving plus another green man…. each… every space.

That’s pretty cool, it’s not as tense as the Curse of the Temple way of getting out but it’s a nice variation of it.

So yeah, same game, slightly different… Different enough that it is different but not different enough you would need both in your collection…

Very fun.

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