Gameday First Play – 10′ to Kill

Want to pick off fairly cute anthropomorphic targets in a city?

You can if you have just 10 minutes to kill?

As time goes by in 10′ to kill, you will feel pressure and suspicion weight on your shoulders. 10 minutes is a short time, but it can sometimes be very long when all eyes are on you! You’ll have to bluff and use discretion to eliminate your targets … and maybe the competitors hitman!

Are you ready to become the most prestigious hitman?

You have a randomly set-up city with random people placed on each tile.

You will be assigned one of these secretly as your Hitman, and 3 others as your target. Now, it’s time to kill…

10 Minutes to Kill Board

You have a number of actions which you can use to move, investigate or kill. When moving you can move anyone to anywhere… easy…

To kill it depends on which weapon you use…

To stab with a Knife your Hitman must be on the same space as your target, within arms reach as you would expect.. As long as you don’t have any Police on that tile, or adjacent you’re good to go.

A Gun can be used if the Hitman is stood on their own and their target is orthogonally adjacent.

A Sniper is used in the same way as a gun, but can kill on any tile orthogonally in a straight line as long as they are on one of those little blue Sniper points.

You don’t say how something was killed, you just say “this one is dead”. You will get points if it’s one of your targets or another players Hitman, you’ll lose points if it isn’t.

10 Minutes to Kill Player Area

Depending on what you do depends on where you place it in your play area to help with adding up end game scoring.

Anyway, back to killing, we’re not done yet. Once the body is removed, you scatter anyone on that tile to any other tile you like then put a Police Officer on that space. More and more Police crowd the board making kills harder…

One of the other things you can do is move the Police over to a character to Investigate them. Pick a player and a character, if that’s their Hitman they’re arrested.

You get less points but it’s easier, and less risky, than killing them.

At the end of the game you get points for each target killed or killing/arresting other players Hitmen. You also get points if your Hitman is alive and free when the game ends.

You lose points for killing innocents so you can just go overly shooty and stabby with crossed fingers.

It’s fun and puzzley. Trying to kill your targets while keeping the number of potential Hitmen as high as possible is fun to do. It can get clogged up later as Police arrive all over the place and there are fewer places to hide.

If you lose your Hitman all you can do is move Police and investigate so it pays to be cautious early on. Losing it very early will lead to a very boring game…

All in all it’s pretty decent game and different to anything I have really which is always nice.

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